Status: Concluded, Funded by: DARPA
Advisor: Prof. Walter Scheirer
Host: University of Notre Dame

The Media Forensics research project (MediFor) is an endeavor funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), whose goal is to develop solutions for the automated assessment of the integrity of digital images.

Working together with the Universities of Purdue, South California (USC), New York (NYU), Siena, Campinas (Unicamp), and the Politécnico di Milano, our team leads the development of solutions to the problem of Provenance Analysis. Given a questioned image, namely a probe, and a large corpus of images (such as the Internet), Provenance Analysis aims at two major tasks:

  1. Finding the images that directly and transitively share content with the probe (a task we call Provenance Filtering).

  2. Building the directed acyclic graph whose nodes individually represent the probe and related images, and whose edges express the edition and content-donation history (e.g., cropping, blurring, removal, splicing, etc.) between pairs of images, linking seminal to generated elements (a task we call Provenance Graph Construction).

By combining ideas from the areas of image retrieval, digital image forensics, and graph theory, Provenance Analysis constitutes an interesting interdisciplinary topic that spans the fields of image processing and computer vision.

Research Team

  • Prof. Walter Scheirer (PI)
  • Prof. Anderson Rocha (PI)
  • Prof. Kevin Bowyer (PI)
  • Prof. Patrick Flynn (PI)
  • Daniel Moreira (Postdoc)
  • Aparna Bharati (PhD Student)
  • Joel Brogan (PhD Student)
  • Allan Pinto (PhD Student)
  • Michael Parowski (Undergrad Student)
  • Patricia Hale (Undergrad Student)
  • William Badart (Undergrad Student)
Daniel Moreira
Daniel Moreira
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Computer scientist with interests in (but not limited to) Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Media Forensics, and Biometrics.