U-Phylogeny: Undirected provenance graph construction in the wild


Deriving relationships between images and tracing back their history of modifications are at the core of Multimedia Phylogeny solutions, which aim to combat misinformation through doctored visual media. Nonetheless, most recent image phylogeny solutions cannot properly address cases of forged composite images with multiple donors, an area known as multiple parenting phylogeny (MPP). This paper presents a preliminary undirected graph construction solution for MPP, without any strict assumptions. The algorithm is underpinned by robust image representative keypoints and different geometric consistency checks among matching regions in both images to provide regions of interest for direct comparison. The paper introduces a novel technique to geometrically filter the most promising matches as well as to aid in the shared region localization task. The strength of the approach is corroborated by experiments with real-world cases, with and without image distractors (unrelated cases).

IEEE International Conference on Image Processing