Status: Concluded
Advisor: Prof. Adam Czajka
Host: University of Notre Dame

The TSHEPII project aims at developing a software tool to support the human examination of post-mortem iris images. The tool puts together diverse computer vision techniques to automatically process, extract, annotate, and match iris regions from two different eye captures. The idea is to give to the user enough iris texture matching and non-matching information, so they can decided if the two given images depict the same eye or not.

The video above depicts a demo of the TSHEPII tool, with all the computer vision techniques added to the software. As the project name suggests (Tool Supporting the Human Examination of Post-Mortem Iris Images), the tool is particularly tuned to the case of comparing post-mortem irises, which, contrary to the common sense, might still be useful for performing iris recognition.

Research Team

  • Prof. Adam Czajka (PI)
  • Prof. Patrick Flynn (PI)
  • Prof. Kevin Bowyer (PI)
  • Daniel Moreira (Postdoc)
  • Mateusz Trokielewicz (PhD Student)
  • M.D. Piotr Maciejewicz (Collaborator)
Daniel Moreira
Daniel Moreira
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Computer scientist with interests in (but not limited to) Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Media Forensics, and Biometrics.