Learning the Shell, Fall 2023


Course: COMP 141-001 / COMP 400D-001 Intro to Computing Tool
Level: Undergraduate and Graduate
Instructor: Daniel Moreira (dmoreira1@luc.edu)
Teaching Assistants: Alvaro Delandaluce (adelandaluce@luc.edu) and Bright Duffour (bduffour@luc.edu)

Lectures: TUE, 4:15 to 5:30 PM, online
Office Hours: MON and TUE evenings, 6 to 8 PM, and WED mornings, 8 AM to noon, 310 Doyle Center or Zoom, by appointment
Sakai: https://sakai.luc.edu/x/Qzs2kZ


Shell terminal.

Despite the current era of rich graphical user interfaces (desktop, web, and mobile), the “command line” experience remains important, especially for software developers and computer-aided scientific researchers. Many development scenarios still require command line and fluency in Unix tools, including the modern embedded, cloud, cybersecurity, and supercomputing environments. With mobile computing and Internet of Things, Unix (via Linux) has risen to the level of a ubiquitous platform, owing to its lightweight and open-source nature. While this course does not aim at being a comprehensive programming class, students will master basic programming skills using shell scripting. They will also learn about problem-solving using Unix commands supported by shell scripts.

Please refer to Sakai for having access to the materials, assignments, quizzes, announcements, grading, and progress of the course. This page is static and will not be updated.


This course is offered in multiple sessions with the following leading and contributing LUC instructors (Spring 2023):

  • John O’Sullivan
  • Nathan Hishon
  • Leo Irakliotis
  • Konstantin Läufer


Daniel Moreira
Daniel Moreira
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Computer scientist with interests in (but not limited to) Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Media Forensics, and Biometrics.